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About Nicole Bitter, LMFT

Nicole Bitter, LMFT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

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I'm intensely focused on your satisfaction and success in therapy; thoughtfully selecting methods to advance your progress. Accordingly, I seek to find the treatment that affords you the greatest relief and return to function and wellbeing. I've found a plethora of advanced CBT methods in the innovative approach of Dr. David Burns, utilizing a highly effective form of CBT called TEAM-CBT therapy. For over 7 years, I have directed my study to master innovative and advanced methods to ensure I am offering you the best.

Some refer to TEAM-CBT therapy as CBT on steroids, offering over 50 methods to deepen your experience and accelerate your therapy progress. This is a life changing treatment modality which goes beyond the standard CBT.

Rooted in extensive scientific research, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proven an effective evidence-based mode of therapy for anxiety and depression.

My CBT experience includes over 20 years of specialized training from world leaders in the field of CBT, including:


  • The Oxford Cognitive Therapy Center (OCTC) in Oxford, UK, considered to be amongst the country's leading centers of expertise in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); with live workshops in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and self and online study in the advancements of CBT;


  • The Beck Institute in Philadelphia, where I underwent advanced training in Depression and Anxiety treatment working/role playing directly with the "Father of CBT," Dr. Aaron Beck; and


  • Ongoing training with Dr. David Burns and the Feeling Good Institute, where I continue to hone my skills with intensive study of the TEAM model of CBT, including over 500 hours of study and training. I am a Certified Level 3 TEAM CBT therapist at the Feeling Good Institute in Mountain View, CA.

Graduating in 1997 from the University of San Francisco with a specialization in Counseling Psychology, I continue to actively study, train and hone my skills as a licensed marriage and family therapist, because I'm passionate about the work I do.

My goal is to work with you and help you overcome the distressing symptoms you're experiencing in order to experience a better quality of life. The relationship you and I build together is a vital element in creating the change you seek. I am a highly creative, resourceful and inquisitive person by nature. Exposure work for anxiety is tailored to match the specific type of anxiety you are experiencing – it is not a one size fits all form of therapy.

I am naturally compassionate, engaging, and cannot be shocked... by anything. My empathetic nature, paired with my multi-cultural background stemming from years of living and working abroad, has enabled me to deepen my understanding and help countless individuals experience significant life change.

Please feel free to contact me today at 408-680-3811 with any questions you have, or click the button below to schedule an initial assessment. I look forward to working with you!

Nicole Bitter, MFT
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