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Nicole Bitter, LMFT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

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What Others Have to Say...

"I consulted Nicole Bitter in 2011 when I was in a very dark place, struggling with an overwhelming depression. Her patient yet supportive manner was a significant factor in my recovery. She listened and understood my feelings without any judgement and helped me to see how to put in place strategies that gave me back my life energy. The fact that she helped and encouraged me to do it myself, while actively supporting me, brought me back to a place where I gained control of my life again. I cannot thank Nicole enough and have since wholeheartedly recommended Nicole to those that I know are in need of similar treatment."


"Nicole helped me sort out my life and priorities when I was going through a complicated separation from my partner. Her knowledge and insight along with focused work in cognitive therapy proved very helpful and long lasting for me. I've since revisited my workbook notes and been able to apply the strategies and tools I learned while working with her. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a therapist. She is also very warm, funny and knows how to put things into perspective (I am a big worrier). I got off to a rocky start. To be honest, I never wanted to go to a therapist but found myself really needing help. From that standpoint, she made it easy for me. I felt better after the first few sessions and have done well since."

Gail P.

"Thank you for teaching me how to cope with the overwhelming anxiety that was making life unbearable – work had become a nightmare as I tried to cope with OCD and hide it from everyone. I learned to accept myself, even share with a few colleagues what it was like to worry obsessively not to mention the time away from my desk to engage in the nagging habits. I continue to use the techniques I learned and have gained peace and insight from the work I did with you. Thank you!"


* The testimonials on this page are all unsolicited comments received from former clients.

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