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Beyond Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Nicole Bitter, LMFT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

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From CBT to TEAM-CBT: Advances in CBT

My approach is a result of extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. While CBT is the foundation, the accelerator comes from my past 7-year intensive training with both the Feeling Good Institute and Dr. David Burns from Stanford University, a renowned psychiatrist who has developed a vast body of motivational, compassion-based, as well as cognitive and behavioral methods to address mood disorders, relationship difficulties, and problematic habits and addictions.

What is TEAM-CBT?

TEAM therapy is a highly collaborative and unique way of change delivering powerful and result-driven therapy.

The framework follows: 

T = Testing
In this type of therapy, clients are asked to record their level of distress and satisfaction on a brief mood survey at each session. Completion of therapy feedback survey at the end of each session ensures we have connected well; that you feel totally understood and that the methods are helping you. This way we can measure if our work together is effective and you are feeling better.

E = Empathy
I take the time to really know you and understand how you are struggling and clarify your therapy goals for optimum outcome. TEAM-CBT offers specific methods for warm and safe collaboration, authenticity, and vulnerability. Understanding of your experience, feelings, thoughts and concerns is a high priority.

A = Agenda Setting
Change is hard work and TEAM-CBT work combines traditional CBT with elements of Motivational Interviewing, a therapeutic method that works on enhancing motivation within in order to change thoughts and behavior. Ambivalence can be resolved by working with your intrinsic motivations and values. Together we develop a shared agenda for each session where you are effectively arguing for change – and thus melting away resistance to upset the status quo.

M = Methods
The heart of T.E.A.M. therapy lies in powerful methods that can help defeat the negative thoughts, beliefs, and behavior patterns that reduce joy, self-esteem, productivity and intimacy. With over 50 methods for change, from traditional thought analysis and behavior experiments to innovative role playing techniques, compassion-based techniques, communication training, and much more.

One goal of TEAM therapy is to help the client become their own therapist. This is the educational take away from our work together. You learn from in-between session practice about the many methods to sustain the benefits well beyond our time together. For individuals motivated to change their lives, therapy fosters significant gains in mood improvement, relationships and ability to manage destructive habits and addictions.

To learn more about the innovative approach in TEAM-CBT please check out the following links:

If you're ready to change the negative thinking patterns that are keeping you from fulfilling your life goals, develop more self-confidence and self-esteem, raise your self-awareness, learn state of the art social, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, gain a clearer sense of direction and purpose, and move forward in your relationships and life with confidence and optimism, then I encourage you to contact me today at 408-680-3811 with any questions you have, or click the button below to schedule an initial assessment. I look forward to working with you!

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