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CBT for Addictive Behaviors

Nicole Bitter, LMFT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

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When the solution becomes the problem...

Regardless of what current theory you hold regarding addiction (Nature versus Nurture), at the end of the day, we are talking about your goals for health and quality of life. CBT treatment gets straight to the point by working with motivation, addressing why change can be life-giving and how to navigate powerful resistance to change.

We begin with examination of your thoughts, feelings and core beliefs, THE NOW and present moment driving continued craving and use.

Addiction has its roots in entitlement with reinforcing thoughts which pull toward maintaining a habit or addiction; powerful and often subconscious...

Mistaken Beliefs such as:

  • I will feel instantly better.

  • Life isn't fair – I deserve to feel good.

  • The only way I can get through the day.

  • I'm entitled to feel better.

  • I can work harder with my drug of choice.

  • My success depends on rewarding myself.

  • I need it to relax.

  • I can have just a little; I can stop whenever I choose.

  • Other people do it, so can I.

  • My life is hard, this helps me.

  • I am genetically predisposed, can't be helped.

  • No one can tell me what to do; I'm in charge and get to choose.

  • My substance is familiar and comforting; people let me down.

  • No one will notice.

Sound familiar? The above beliefs maintain your addiction by working on your subconscious process. If you have reached the tipping point whereby your solution to your problems (substance use) is no longer effective, please don't hesitate to take the next step in recovery by reaching out to me to discuss your goals for recovery.

Let's Imagine for a moment what your life could be like free of substance use with Powerful CBT methods offering live changing outcomes.

Contact me to learn how I work with habits and addictions... How honoring your resistance can be the first step in awareness and increasing motivation.

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