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CBT for Relationship Difficulties

Nicole Bitter, LMFT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

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Learn Advanced Communication Skills

While I no longer offer couples therapy, I do work with individuals who want to experience greater connection and intimacy with others by enhancing their awareness of how they might communicate in dysfunctional ways. Together we identify your relationship goals, test your motivation to determine if you want my help changing yourself (identifying your contribution to the problem), or if you would like me to understand how painful, frustrated and alone you feel and develop methods for coping or ending a dysfunctional relationship.

I utilize powerful relationship methods and tools to recognize your pattern of communication, deepen your clarity around self expression and achieve goals for any relationship. Methods used include monitoring your communication, practicing methods to enhance your communication, as well as exploring low motivation for change and decision making, as you navigate the complicated path to intimacy.

Do you want to feel good in relationships with important people in your life? Navigating the complexities and intensity of relationships sometimes requires help – whether you're struggling with your partner, friend, child or co-worker. Do you let your emotions and thoughts rule your interactions and find it difficult to see things from others' point of view? Feel frustrated, angry, alone and let down? Common to many people, sometimes we get stuck. Our reactions can create a pattern of relationship destruction as we get caught in a reactive-response loop, with vague awareness that we are perpetuating what we least want – that our behaviors are separating us from the connection we yearn for.


TEAM-CBT holds a unique perspective to relationship work. We start with you, examine your communication, reactions, and with methods designed specifically for relationship enhancement whereby you begin to take responsibility and bypass being a victim. Empowering, life changing tools to address your communication, which can in turn liberate you from the self-defeating experience of relationship struggles.

Together we work to identify your role in any relationship problem to empower you to respond in a more effective, healthy way, and to ensure better connection with others.

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