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Online Counseling & Teletherapy

Nicole Bitter, LMFT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

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About Telehealth


Telehealth is a form of secure audio-video conferencing that allows you to receive health care services outside of the office. Use of Telehealth requires reliable access to electronic equipment with high-speed Internet and video cameras as well as access to safe and private spaces. With the right steps and preparation, teletherapy sessions can be enjoyable and productive, even without an in-person meeting. If you are preparing for a telehealth mental health therapy session, use these tips to maximize benefits.

Prepare Your Space Before a Telehealth Therapy Session

Before attending a telehealth session with Nicole, here are some helpful tips to prepare:


  • Make sure the device you are using (a computer, tablet, or smartphone) has a working camera and microphone and is fully charged. Have your phone nearby as a way to quickly communicate in event of connection failure.

  • Make sure you are in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed or heard.

  • Because CBT is enhanced with homework and notes you take during a session I recommend sitting at a desk or in a comfortable space with a writing tablet.

  • If you live with others, ask that they don’t disturb you during your session time and that they refrain from using the Wi-Fi so that your connection is not slowed down.

  • Consider putting a white noise machine, small fan, or speaker with music playing outside of the door to the room you will be in so that roommates or family members cannot overhear your conversation.

  • Consider using headphones or earbuds to improve sound quality and maintain privacy.


Maintain Communication With Me Throughout our Session


Initially, it might feel awkward to meet in virtual format. In my experience this doesn't last and once the initial session it takes on a more natural feel to the session. Virtual methods may feel difficult or uncomfortable at first. 


Keep these things in mind during your session:

  • Speak clearly to ensure I understand what you are saying. Check in periodically to make sure that what you are communicating is being understood and that you clearly understand what is being communicated to you.

  • Maintain eye contact with your camera so that the connection between us is stronger.

  • Treat your telehealth therapy session as if you are meeting with me in person. Avoid engaging in any tasks you wouldn’t do if you and your therapist were meeting in their office.

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